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Jazz Lewis Politicks on the Hip-Hop Corner!

He’s the youngest delegate in the state of Maryland. He’s also University of Maryland alumni. Jazz Lewis will be politicking with us this Monday on the Hip-Hop Corner! Tune in at 10pm!

Off the Cuff Interview and Freestyles with 3SIDE!

D-Cyph spotted PG County hip-hop group 3SIDE in the studio and we brought them in for an interview!  Some spontaneous freestyling broke out!  Click the ‘Download Podcast’ button on the right of the screen!

Mumble rap or nah?

Should we stop dissing mumble rap? Should men keep referring to themselves kings? Why is being a hoe a good career move these days?
All that and more tonight on the Hip-Hop Corner!  TUNE IN AT 10PM!

God bless London and bring peace to the world

We convene today reflecting upon the terror attacks in London.  The madness has got to stop.  On a lighter note we’ll analyze the NBA Finals.  Plus, we’ll discuss preferences vs. programming.  Do you really like it?  Or, did the media make you like it?  That and more today on the Hip-Hop Corner!  TUNE IN 10PM-12AM!


We’re on at a NEW TIME AND PLACE! MONDAYS 10PM-12AM ON FM! They closed the Digital studio temporarily so we’re back on FM.  In College Park, Maryland tune in on 88.1FM!  TUNE IN MONDAY NIGHT!

Democracy or Nah?

Let’s explore this very important topic.  Tune in 5-7pm today.

Who’s the Boss?

Who is DJ Boss Player?  He was alone in the studio this week with no special guest so he decided share some of his personal story with the listeners.  Get to know the man behind the Hip-Hop Corner and so much more.