Real Talk. Real Music. Real Fun.

Who We Are

Hip-Hop Corner logo

    In 2009, DJ Boss Player created a radio show called the Hip-Hop Corner. The Hip-Hop Corner is an organic radio show. We are centered upon the same principles of the legendary Afrika Bambaataa’s original hip-hop radio program, which are “peace, unity, love and fun, fun, fun…” Broadcasting live from WMUC Digital at the University of Maryland, College Park, every Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m., our show is completely free form so we can play whatever we want! Our mission statement is simple: To provide quality entertainment and education through enlightening yet comical dialogue and dope music. Thanks for your attention and your continued love and support. Email us at

Our logo is represented by our show’s initials in the Afro-centric colors in order to represent hip-hop’s African roots and empowerment of Black people.  It’s written in graffiti on a wall to represent that element of hip-hop.


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